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French News Online welcomes the fullest reader/user/advertiser participation in this project, which is where a digital interactive website scores over a paper version every time. You can interact with French News Online in many ways....

Comment on The News
The main news items reachable from the home page, all carry a comment section in the Newsroom feed. From your PC, mobile or other device you can thus keep up with the online debate as it happens.

Comment on Our Opinion
Then there is the French News Online Blog where you can interact with commenters enthused with, angered at, bemused or otherwise engaged by blog views or those of readers letting off steam in the comments.

Feedback - Tell Us What You Want
We warmly welcome your emails, digital "letters to the editor", feedback, ideas, criticisms indeed the full range of reader reaction. To send us your feedback, click here.

You Can Participate... Add Your Own Content
Using the menu on the left, we have introduced two ways in which you can interact with French News Online, by adding your own content (and we will add more interactive features in the coming months):

Readers Featured Photo - Welcomes readers digital picture contributions.
We will include a short bio of you with it if you send one in and who knows, your pic might get picked up by an agency or other publication The wonderful world of digital cameras make this quick, easy and great fun. All pictures will be attributed to their authors who retain full copyright. Click here to view our Readers Photo Section.

Readers Videos - We want your videos! Especially those you have made yourself and have uploaded to You Tube. Alternatively if you have found one on YouTube that you like and think that our readers would like too, then submit the YouTube URL link to us. If we like as much as you do, we'll publish it and attribute the find to you. To visit our Readers Video section, click here.

Readers News - We also want your local news! You can become our source of news for the community that you live in. Local issues can benefit from a wider exposure, so if there is something going on in your community that you think would interest our reders, then send it in... nothing ventured, nothing gained! To submit a local news item - click this link.

Want to Comment?

Commenting on news items is both easy and automatic. Just click into our newsroom, review the news stories and add your comment on it, or on any comments already there!
Comment on the News - click here

Readers Letters
Please feel free to write to us at our postal address. However, if you would like to e-mail us a 'letter', then you can do so using our online form, either attaching your letter as a pdf to your e-mail, or by using the 'My Letter' box provided to type into direct.
Send us Your Letter - click here

Your News
We can only report what we know about! If something occurs in your area, or if you know of an issue you would like to bring to the attention of a wider audience through us, then tell us about it. We will review your submission and get in touch with you for further details, if we feel it is appropriate to publsh here.
Submit Your News - click here

Your Photos
Are you a good photographer? Well, whether you are professional or amatuer, then let the world judge, by submitting a photo that we can publish here on this website. Yes, we will publish a link to your online gallery if you have one!
How to submit - click here

Your Videos
Got a good video you would like to share with us? Is it on YouTube? If so, send us the URL link and a brief description and we will review it and publish it if we can.
How to submit - click here

Links and Video Feeds
Nightly News
Channel 4
Click to view video - make sure your pop-up blocker is set to accept pop-ups from this website.
Click to view video - make sure your pop-up blocker is set to accept pop-ups from this website.
Click to view video - make sure your pop-up blocker is set to accept pop-ups from this website.
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