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Music - Jazz
Sim Copans - full story, click here

American Sim Copans Honoured
The Souillac Jazz Festival (15-22 July 2012) honours Sim Copans on the 100th anniversary of his birth. His role in disseminating jazz to the new generation in France is universally recognized in France.

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Art News
Discover the Google Art Project - click here

Who is She?
Who painted her? When? Where can you see the original? If you don't know the answers, save yourself hours of trawling the web... just ask Google! Discover the Google Art Project.

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Culture Briefs
Cinema - VO Release
Book Reviews
Book News
Dark Shadows - To pop-up the movie trailer - click here
All the major Oscar winners - click here
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Dark Shadows
If you like your Vampire movies Gothic, love 70's music and prefer your "undead" to look like Johnny Depp... this one is for you!
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Silence is Golden
"The Artist", the silent movie everyone is talking about, continued it's "Golden Harvest", won 5 Academy awards including Best Picture.
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Rock in France
Singer/songwriter Tony Smith files his first music piece for French News Online, reviewing Rock music in France - starting with Johnny Hallyday
Review - click here

  Child 44 and...
Contributors, The Aveyron Book Group, review three books this month for French News Online - The Little White Horse, Child 44 and Frankie and Stankie.
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  Major French Award...
British author, French resident Peter May, for "The Blackhouse". An bit of a coup, for this was the book that nearly never was...
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Lifestyle - Feature
Lifestyle - Food
Culture - Music
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Sim Copans and the Souillac Jazz Festival - full story, click here
How does your garden grow - you could let nature take its course - Grumpy Gardener July - click here
... is illegal almost everywhere. However in France, if you can find an itinerant distiller, you can still enjoy the fruits of your labour. But for how much longer...?
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Fresh Figs
... and vanilla custard tarts. Figs, a French summer time favourite get anglicised with vanilla custard - creme anglais as the French say - another delicious recipe from Vivienne Bolton.
Recipe - click here
Souillac Jazz Festival
The Souillac Jazz Festival (15-22 July 2012) honours Sim Copans on the 100th anniversary of his birth. Sim is widely recognised as a major driving force in bringing Jazz to France.
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Summertime Blues
Swamped by summer visitors, our Grumpy Gardener still finds time to reflect on the outstanding displays of Hydrengeas, France's wet growing season has produced.
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