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So You Think You Can Write?
Unfortunately, so do many thousands of budding French authors. 22,000. That is the number of unsolicited manuscripts reviewed by the top French publishing houses annually. They read every one!

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Child 44, Tom Rob Smith
Tom Rob Smith's bestselling debut novel, Child 44, was inspired by the true-life case of Andrei Chikatilo, who committed a series of child murders in Soviet Russia. It is presently being made into a feature film by Ridley Scott.

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Frankie and Stankie
A coming of age story set in 1950's South Africa... A journey through childhood and adolescence, during one of the darker periods of 20th century history.
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Top Literary Prize
British author and French resident Peter May has won France's biggest readers' prize - the 2011 CEZAM Prix Litteraire Inter-CE - for"The Blackhouse"
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The Little White Horse
J.K. Rowling "Absolutely adored..." this book by Elizabeth Goudge. How did it fair when reviewed by the Aveyron Book Group? To read their review...
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The Carhullan Army
The publishers say this book is a testament to the triumph of the individual in dire circumstances, and a novel of extraordinary imagination...
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The Sheltering Sky
In the aftermath of the Second World War, a couple struggle to save their marriage. As they travel, they might not only lose their way....
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