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Odile de Changy Lingerie

Odile de Changy Lingerie - to visit her website, click this image
Odile de Changy - Paris

A New Lingerie Line Brings Romance to the Marais
Corsets, cup sizes and curves are Odile de Changy's specialty. On November 4, her rue Pont aux Choux boutique lifted creamy curtains to the line of classically beautiful lingerie that takes her name: Odile de Changy.

Odile de Changy Lingerie
Rue Pont aux Choux, 75003 Paris

Parisians who know the Marais and others clever enough to locate her on the "Je ne sais quoi" website are now looting her trove of exquisite pieces.

"I have always been inspired by the women of my family. . . They had a lot of character, were very coquette, very feminine," said the designer. Photographs of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, preside over her boutique work station, as if this trio of fairy godmothers could wave their wands and have us down to our best intimates.

Odile Changy Lingerie - Paris
"I make lingerie for women, not for men"

"I want women to take it back. . . I make lingerie for women, not for men", said de Changy, who, following the tradition of these women, selects the best cottons, silks, and French spn lace. These she transforms into pieces that are reminiscent of the past, while wholly modern; soutiens-gorge shaped like doves, heart-embroidered panties, and a three-piece set that makes for a swoon-worthy trousseau.

Odile Changy lace underwear
Reviving lace lingerie wearing

Love of Lingerie
De Changy's love of lingerie began as a coup de foudre one summer while on vacation. She discovered the exquisite underclothes of previous generations of women, stowed within the commodes of the family château. This beauty she longed to reproduce, hoping to "break the porno-like concept for today's lingerie. It (lingerie) is meant to be beautiful," she explained.

In 2000, she attended a traditional lace-making school near Calais, a city known for its textile tradition. Several years later, she won a prestigious design contest and interned for the creative department of Eres lingerie. De Changy's passion for undergarments, channeled by her love of drawing, and knowledge of the female form (she spent years dancing classical ballet), meant she knew she had to create her own line.

As of last year, a team of Calais lace workers began meticulously producing her pieces. In early November, these treasures hit the delicate racks of her toile-decorated boutique. De Changy's hope is to revive both traditions of lace production and lace lingerie-wearing.

When asked what she thinks of Dita von Teese, an American burlesque dancer who strips classy lingerie, she said; "I love Dita and all that she represents. . . she has done everything herself, even created her own company."

Certainly de Changy is another "sort of Dita," for although she does not shed her clothes; her business is to present women with a vision of how exciting it might be to do so. The Bon Marché placed much of her début collection front and center on its shelves last year. Elle magazine featured her work in one of its "most promising new designer" spreads just as Grazia did in its recent issue of "lovely underthings."

Heart Motif
A closer examination of de Changy's unique pieces reveal that they are branded somewhere by the line's motif; a heart. "This is because what I create comes from the heart. It's personal for me and for what I do. I try to transfer the soul of the tradition of strong women," she said.

Odile Changy, Paris
Odile de Changy

De Changy's heartfelt love of lingerie spun with the soul of yesterday's women (comme elles étaient coquettes!) make for an irresistible invitation to romance.
See www.odiledechangy.fr for more details.

Links: www.odiledechangy.fr and www.shopjenesaisquoi.com


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