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Is Germany Picking a Fight with France?

France is under attack from Germany via Der Speigel (Credit: Flikr)

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Nostalgic, Narcissistic, France Obsessed with Past - Der Speigel

An astonishing attack on France — possibly heralding a new era of Franco-German tension over the EU’s banker-imposed austerity policies — has been published in the leading German magazine Der Speigel

The article is by Der Speigel’s Paris bureau chief Mathieu von Rohr and appeared in the online English version of the magazine on August 14 thus coinciding with Chancellor Angela Merkel's return from summer holidays. She faces a fierce storm over Germany’s refusal to bow to demands from the Latin South — France, Italy and Spain — for growth rather than austerity in Euroland's ongoing debt crisis. 

The magazine's Rohr writes:  "the country (François) Hollande represents is old-fashioned — and hopelessly in love with the idea of being old-fashioned. It lives in the past, and even when it knows that it’s in trouble, it refuses to change."

Expect some fireworks at the next Franco-German summit.
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Story: Ken Pottinger

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